Donald Trump is in a number of different fire storms but to his credit he has drawn the nation’s attention to the issue of illegal immigration. We have more than 11 million undocumented, non-citizens living in the country and the fact that we don’t know who they are, where they are, what they are doing, or what their background is, poses a credible threat to the criminal justice system and international security.

It’s not to say that people from other countries don’t deserve to have the opportunity to come to America to start a different life, but there are legal pathways in order to get that done.

As a nation, we have to adhere to what’s called the rule of law and the rule of law in our country is that there is a process to follow and that process should apply to everyone equally because it certainly isn’t fair to the American tax payers and it’s not fair to the immigrants who have followed the law and who have done the things that they are supposed to do and legally immigrated. If we as a country want to opt for open borders there is a process, there is a way we can do that. We can vote on it, we can let our feelings be known to our elected representatives and they can change the laws. Marijuana used to be illegal in all 50 states. It’s now legal in 20 states. How did that happen? It happened very simply, the laws where changed to allow that to happen. If Americans and their elected representatives want to change the laws to allow for unfettered access to our borders that can be done, but what we ought not to do is ignore the law, elevating illegal immigrants to a status of them not being accountable for their actions which is not following the rule of law because we are trying to achieve some political agenda.

I don’t think anyone is actually calling for mass deportation of the 11 million illegal immigrants in our country. But there are barriers that are in place to the immigration process and we need to address them so that it is not an option to circumvent the law on this matter. One reason that so many people are crossing the border illegally is because it’s probably easier than going through the legal process and there aren’t any consequences for it.

We need to come together to recognize the social factors, and address the structure that’s in place to facilitate people coming into the country illegally. But the first thing we have to do is secure the border. We need to know who is coming in and who is going out with what potential weapons of mass destruction. The government’s first job is to protect and preserve the security and liberty of its citizens.

Author – Carl Brizzi,